Overall it has been quite a busy year for me and Powerful Digital Solutions (PDS). Here’s a summary of what’s been going on:

  • On May 25, 2018, the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union (EU) went into effect; I spent plenty of time updating the Privacy Policy on both my personal and client websites. In a nutshell, whenever you get a website visitor from the EU your website better have the right legal mumbo jumbo in place 😉
  • I recently updated my free ebook to include info on the GDPR and how to get compliant (I go over two plugins that I have used on my personal and client WordPress websites for getting compliant)
  • I now offer hosting as part of my website care plans (it’s one of the Bare Essentials now); clients now have the option to either let me host their website or have someone else host their website (NOTE: as part of the 3 month complimentary website care & maintenance deal after I finish building your new website, I’ll offer to host your website during this 3 month time frame. However, if you choose not to invest in one of my monthly plans, then you would have to set up a hosting account elsewhere in which case I would then migrate your website to your hosting account)
  • I now have a consultation funnel in place where I offer a free 20 minute consultation to all clients and prospects; if you have a new project in mind that you would like to discuss through Zoom, Skype, or FB Messenger, you can now book a call with me on my Calendly page at https://calendly.com/pdsconsultation (this will also be on my Contact Me Page)
  • In addition to building WordPress websites, I now have a team in place for building mobile apps and web apps; I’ll cover this in more detail on a future blog post

What’s On the Horizon

As 2018 continues on, here is what I have in store:

  • Someone made the suggestion that I create a video to complement my free ebook (since some people might prefer to watch or listen to content rather than read content); by mid July 2018 I will prepare a video that will complement my free ebook so that when someone joins my email group, they’ll have the option to either read my ebook or watch the video version
  • It’s on my agenda to create my first online course on how to build your own website without having to hire a freelancer nor touch any lines of code; if you would like more info – including when my online course launches – feel free to contact me
  • I will also continue to give my best to all my prospects and clients

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