Website Creation Bootcamp Day 1:

Website Creation Overview 

We’re going to see the forest from the trees as we look at the website creation journey at a glance from start to finish.

Welcome to Day 1 of your Website Creation Bootcamp!

You can watch today’s video lesson here OR read the summary further down below …

Day 1 Summary

If we think of your website like a house …

  • the house would be the website itself
  • the domain ( would be the addess to this house
  • the hosting account would be the land below this house

There are essentially eight steps to the website creation process …

  1. Plan out your website
  2. Register your domain
  3. Set up your hosting account
  4. Connect your domain and hosting
  5. Install the WordPress software
  6. Install WordPress theme
  7. Install WordPress plugins
  8. Set up your web pages

On Day 2 we’ll begin the very first step: planning the details of your website! You can look forward to a downloadable worksheet 🙂

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