Website Creation Bootcamp Day 2:

Website Planning 

Today we begin the very first step of your website creation journey which includes a free worksheet for planning your website details.

Welcome to Day 2 of your Website Creation Bootcamp!

You can watch today’s video lesson here OR read the summary further down below …

Day 2 Summary

Just as you would sit down to make a blueprint before building a house, likewise it really pays off to make a “website blueprint” before you get started building. Even if you ultimately end up hiring someone to create your website for you, filling out this worksheet ahead of time can help you better communicate with your web developer.

Today was basically Part 1 of website planning where we went through the website planning worksheet including an example of one filled out. I would either print out the worksheet to fill out OR type your responses in a word processing document (such as MS Word or Google Docs).

When we meet again on Day 3, it will basically be Part 2 of website planning where we’ll cover website color schemes and font schemes. Since this is such as important part in creating your website, I had to give colors and fonts their own day in the series. You’ll also have all the guidance you need to answer questions 3 and 4 of your website planning worksheet on Day 3.

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