Website Creation Bootcamp Day 5:

Setting Up “Virtual Land” For Your Website  

You’ve established your “website blueprint” and domain at this point. Now it’s time for the third step of your website creation journey: hosting set up.

Welcome to Day 5 of your Website Creation Bootcamp!

As you know, today is the final day of the bootcamp. I have truly enjoyed having you and being part of your journey during the past week.

You can watch today’s video lesson here OR read the summary further down below …

Day 5 Summary

 Here are some common technical terms you might come across:

  • Hosting: the “virtual land” for your website (while the domain refers to the web address itself, you need hosting in order to build and display your website)
  • Nameserver: a server that translates IP addresses into domain names (similar to a property management office making sure traffic goes to the right place)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): a system of computers – typically spread out among different countries – that all work together to ensure the speed, security, and efficiency of many websites
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL): a tool that ensures an encrypted connection and creates that ‘https’ in the web address
  • cPanel: the control panel within your hosting account that lets you do certain things for the back end of your website (such as installing the open source WordPress software and setting up domain-specific email addresses)

Here’s what to look for in a good hosting provider: 

  • How well do they understand WordPress websites?
  • In addition to hosting, what else is included in your account?
  • Do they have mostly positive reviews?
  • How good is their support?
  • Do they offer a cPanel (for ease of getting your website set up)?
  • Do they charge any unnecessary fees? (e.g., some might charge extra to make your website mobile responsive when most WordPress websites are already mobile responsive)

Out of all the hosting providers I’ve worked with, I recommend SiteGround the most. Here’s why:

  • They understand WordPress websites very well
  • In addition to hosting, they also provide a free SSL certificate (via LetsEncrypt), a free account with the CloudFlare CDN, their own plugin (SG Optimizer) for better optimizing your website, and several other features
  • They have an excellent support team
  • They provide a very good cPanel
  • They do not charge any nonsense additional fees
  • I myself use SG for my personal and client websites

You can get your SiteGround hosting account here.

NOTE: just so I am transparent and practice what I preach, this is my affiliate link to SiteGround. If you click this link and purchase your hosting account on the other side, I stand to make a small commission. Think of it as you indirectly buying me lunch 😉


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