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How to Get the Most Out of This Bootcamp

  • The bootcamp videos will be pre recorded and emailed to you as per the schedule; make time to watch these videos right when you receive them
  • Below each bootcamp video there will be a place to leave comments; I invite you to engage with me and my content (this will also be a great place to post any questions/confusion as well as share your biggest “ah ha!” moments)
  • There will be two live Zoom calls during this bootcamp; I would jot down any questions you have ahead of time before jumping on
  • I would maintain a notebook just for your website creation journey (or something to help keep track of login credentials, website details, etc.)
  • Above all, remember that you are investing in yourself and your success by being part of this 5 day bootcamp.

Although this is no charge to you, I would pretend that you invested $1,000 to be a part of this and take advantage of my time and expertise 😉

Who Is Andrew?

  • WordPress Website Consultant & Online Entrepreneur
  • Born and raised in San Antonio, TX
  • Has been building client websites since 2014
  • Has helped many non techie entrepreneurs establish their online presence
  • Random fact: big fan of the Marvel Universe

You can also read my About page here.

Success Stories

Here are just a few success stories of people like you who have benefited from me and my expertise …

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Email: info@powerfuldigitalsolutions.com

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