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Thank you so much for registering your domain and setting up your hosting account through my affiliate links on the previous page.

This helps me keep my pricing competitive. 


Before you begin filling out the form below, please make sure you have done the following:

  • establish a gmail account that will be strictly used with your website
    (e.g., if your website is going to be, then you might want your gmail to be

Also keep in mind that as I’m creating your website, I’ll be able to customize your header, footer, 404 pages, and blog post layouts. Here are links to example designs:

  1. Blog Post Layouts:
  2. 404 Pages:
  3. Footer Designs:
  4. Header Designs:

In the next to last question (Do you have any other instructions for me?), you’ll be able to indicate which designs from the links above you like most.

In the form below, you’ll also be able to indicate how you’d like to pay. You can select the two payment option or the four payment option. 

After you fill out this form,  within two business days I’ll contact you at the email you provide. I will prepare a contract and initial invoice for you (depending on the contents of your form submission).

If you have a question about anything before or after you fill out and submit your form below, feel free to reach out to me (

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Copyright © 2024 Powerful Digital Solutions

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