Building a Website With No Skills

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It would be best if you didn’t worry about showcasing your brand because you have no website creation skills.  There are many solutions to building a website that require zero skills. Your site will be looking great within a short time thanks to a website builder.

From OBERLO’s statistics, it’s essential to be present on the Web because many customers research your business online before they place an order. They check your website to see what you offer, read about you, your location, and the backstory. That’s why it’s essential to build a website to promote your business.

Generally, there are several ways of promoting your products, like through Google and Facebook pages, but having a website is the best way to speak to clients.

Great websites help you attain high credibility, and it enables you to reach out to more customers because you gain complete control of your ads, etc.

Building a Website via Website Builder

A website builder is an effective tool that makes it convenient for anyone to create a website from starch, even without any knowledge of coding and graphic design. Generally, a good website builder supplies a range of attractive and user-friendly templates or themes you can choose from to have a super easy starting point. The best thing is you can customize the template to make it into a website highly unique to your website.

Despite your skill level, you can have a great website after following the steps described below. It seems stressful to build a website, but through this process, it will be easier. 

Here is a detailed process about how to build your website

When creating a website through a website builder, you should follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you have chosen a good website builder
  • Ensure that you have signed up for the plan that meets your budget needs
  • Ensure that you have selected a relevant and unique domain name
  • Choose a great design template
  • Customize the template design
  • Format and upload the content
  • Download plugins of choice
  • Test and preview the website
  • Publish the website online

Ensure That You Have Chosen a Good Website Builder

Just because website builders are popular doesn’t mean all of them are good, and you can pick them randomly. It would be best if you took the time to find the website builder that meets your needs.

Many people don’t understand that you don’t need any skills to build your site through website builders. Previously, people wouldn’t build websites because it required skills like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), etc.

Website builders are good because they let you focus on your content and the design. Most builders achieve this through a drag and drop interface or templates.

If you are building a business website, you should use platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify because they have tools that can enhance your business. Choosing the right one will ensure that you get a website that makes you proud.

The secret to finding a good web builder match is to take up the free trial spin before choosing the paid plan. However, here are some excellent website builders and their features.

Customers Get Value for Money & It Has Design Flexibility

Keep in mind that these website builders aren’t the best, but their performance is excellent; it depends on your needs. For instance, If you are a blogger, you should opt for WordPress rather than Shopify, but you should choose Shopify if you are in the e-commerce sector.

Ensure That You Have Signed Up For the Plan That Meets Your Budget Needs

The second step after choosing a website builder should be finding the price plan that suits your budget.

If you have a small business and your portfolio is small, you can find cheaper plans, but you should go for the expensive plans if you have a complex site.

This depends on your needs and budget. You can opt to start cheap and then upgrade later.

After finding a website builder and signing up for a plan, you should ensure that you have a plan that meets your needs. These plans vary in price, but mostly the inclusive price will range from $8 to $40 every month. There are free trials and free plans, but these have several disadvantages; just like they say, cheap is usually expensive in the long run.

Ensure That You Have Chosen a Relevant and Unique Domain Name

The domain name is usually the unique address for your site. You should pick a unique address to make it easier for your web builder.

Keep in mind that your domain name will be the primary way for the site to present itself on the internet. That’s why it should be:

  • Relevant
  • Short and memorable
  • It shouldn’t have numbers
  • It should be unique and shouldn’t exist

After choosing a domain, you should register it. This is included in the sign-up process. You can select a good plan, but this requires an annual renewal fee of approximately $12.

Choose a Great Design Template

At this stage, you have to set up a design for the website by choosing a theme or template. At this stage, website builders will support you because this acts as the framework for your site. It is mainly the appearance of the website, and there are many categories to choose from.

With a reasonable price plan, you will have access to many templates. These templates are available depending on the focus of your site. All these templates are available to add glamour to your website. They act just like sets of clothes, and you can change anytime if it doesn’t please you. You have to take time before making a choice.

Customize the Template Design

At this step, you have to customize the template using images and your unique content. The web builder can guide you at this stage. After this, the website appearance looks excellent, and you will stand out. After customizing the website using the correct instructions, you will like the results.

You can customize the website using:

  • Addition of new navigation pages
  • Changing fonts and colors
  • Adding new elements like a menu or contact forms
  • Editing homepage images
  • Using different color pallets
  • Linking social media channels

One of the best website builders for such features is Weblium because it’s beginner-friendly. If you have no skill, this is an excellent option.

Format and Upload the Content

The website will have taken shape at this stage, and you should start adding content and images.  Ensure the content you post is high quality and unique. Ensure the pictures are also original to avoid copyright infringement.

You should ensure the images have the right size to prevent your website from slowing down. Keep the quality of the pictures on point to avoid blurriness after reducing the size.

Download Plugins of Your Choice

At this stage, you have to download the plugins, and installing the plugins is easy. Don’t forget to test and preview the website afterwards.

Publish the Website Online

At this stage, you may notice some areas that need revision, and the main things to check should be:

  • The grammar and spelling of your content
  • The menu buttons’ functionality
  • How the quality of content conforms to your expectations
  • The consistency of your formatting
  • The functionality of the website on the phone
  • How fast the site loads

Now comes the final step: press the publish button after previewing everything. You should ensure, at this stage, everything is done well. For some web builders, you cannot make changes to templates after the site is live.  If you feel like everything is on check at this point, you can press the publish button.

Benefits of Building a Website With a Builder

  • It’s a convenient option for beginners to build a website
  • You can get a business website up faster
  • It costs much less than a website designer
  • You have full control over the design and customization
  • You don’t need any coding knowledge
  • Plenty of flexibility and options including color, backgrounds, fonts, and formatting


Building a website is not rocket science. By following the above steps, you can build your site via a website builder with no skills and have a very good experience. 

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