Getting Started with WordPress: Do This Before Anything Else

getting started with wordpress

You’ve had your business going for a while, and now it’s time to establish your online presence. You may have heard about the benefits of a WordPress website (such as being able to build and update your website without touching any code).

Before getting started with creating your WordPress website, you must do some website planning.

Consider this: would you begin building a house without first making a blueprint? Would you go on a trip without first determining where you want to go, how much round trip airfare would be, etc.?

Likewise, before building a website – or hiring someone to build the website for you – you need to plan out some details first.

Keep these top 3 details in mind when planning your website …

1. Color Scheme

If you already have a logo for your business, then chances are you’ve already thought through the color scheme for your business. For the most part, you’ll typically use the same (or complementary) colors from your logo for your website.

What’s the overall look and feel you want to give your website visitors? Do you want to come across as corporate/professional? Light/casual? Upscale/sophisticated? Mostly masculine? Mostly feminine?

The right colors can help convey the right look and feel. It may help to check out other websites within your niche and see their color schemes. You could also do a Google search for “website color schemes” and gain inspiration there.


2. Font Scheme

Your website fonts can also convey a certain look and feel (just like with website colors). You’ll typically want to pick two main fonts: one for header text and another for body text. Also keep in mind that your color scheme and font scheme will work together to convey an overall look and feel.

The wrong fonts (and/or colors) can actually hurt you and reduce your credibility. For inspiration, you could do a Google search for “website font schemes”.


3. Online Goals

After you determine your website colors and fonts, you’ll then want to determine your online goals. What will be the purpose of your website? Here are some example goals:

  • create consistent blog content and make affiliate offers
  • run an ecommerce store and sell your own (or someone else’s) products
  • get prospects to book an appointment with you
  • get prospects to visit your local shop
  • get people to join your email list
  • get people to register for your webinar
  • the list could go on

These goals will then help determine which web pages you’ll need.


There are many more details to planning out your website. However, these top 3 are an excellent starting point.

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