How Do I Optimize My WordPress Website?

wordpress website optimization

Do you already have a WordPress website but feel like it would be faster or more efficient?

The good news is that it often only takes a few tweaks and adjustments to optimize your WordPress website. In most cases, this is something you could do yourself.

Watch this video on my 5 top tips for optimizing your WordPress website…

In summary, these tips can make a big difference in your WordPress website performance:

  • have the right hosting partner
  • have a good caching plugin
  • have a good image compression plugin
  • have a good SEO plugin
  • make sure everything looks good on the mobile view

After you optimize your website and get more visitors, keep in mind that the About page tends to be one of the most frequently visited web pages. Before you go, scroll down to get my free cheat sheet on how you can craft a highly effective About page.

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