How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Free & Paid Methods

how to drive traffic to your website

You finished creating and launching your website. You made sure everything looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. Now to sit back and wait for the traffic to come in. If you build it they will come right?


Now that you have a website in place, we have to drive traffic and get some eyeballs on your website.

How exactly do you drive traffic to a brand new website?

Website traffic comes in two forms: free and paid. You can either spend a lot of time up front with free methods, or you could spend money with paid methods and often get results faster.


Free Website Traffic Methods

The most common free methods involve search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and reaching out to influencers (people with large followings related to your niche).


SEO is a very loaded subject, and the algorithms change so often. SEO is divided into two parts:

  • on page SEO
  • off page SEO

On page SEO refers to making sure the web page itself is optimized for the search engines. This may include making sure your desired keywords are there, your images are optimized, the page loads quickly (no longer than 5 seconds), and other factors.

Off page SEO refers to having other pages link back to your website (also called backlinking). This could include having other blogs, social media profiles, YouTube videos, etc. point back to you website.

There is obviously much more that goes into effective SEO. For more details, be sure to check out my other blog post on how to search engine optimize your website.


Social Media

Being active on several different social media platforms can also help drive traffic to your website. The key is to pick a few platforms and be consistent. The biggest social media platform of all is Facebook. You’ll certainly want to set up a Facebook business page. If you’re in a business/professional niche of some sort, then you might want to set up a profile in LinkedIn.

There are many other platforms out there, and some platforms come and go (e.g., earlier this year Google+ went away). When you’re on social media, the key is to lead with value. If you come across as overly promotional then you will repel many people.

I recommend reading Social Media Marketing Strategy For Businesses – Expand Your Online Reach by Online Marketing Solutions for more details on how to really get the most out of social media.



These are people with both a large following and level of authority within a given niche. If you can get in touch with these people and get them to talk about your product or service to their audience, then this can not only get a lot of traffic to your website, but the right kind of traffic!

There are various factors to finding and approaching these influencers the right way. I would recommend checking out Jeff Bullas’ blog post here for more details.



Paid Website Traffic Methods

If you’re looking to drive targeted traffic to your website and get results sooner rather than later, then paid traffic is the way to go. The top two paid traffic methods I recommend are Facebook ads and Google ads.

Each platform has its own set of rules, and one wrong move can get you banned from either one.

There are so many factors that go into a successful ad campaign. Keep in mind that if your website is brand new and nobody has heard of you, then you’ll want to drive traffic to a blog post or a landing page for a free offer in the beginning. You DO NOT want to send cold traffic to your home page or sales page. 



Final Thoughts

After building your website, you will then need to spend some time driving traffic with either free methods or paid methods. In the beginning it might be a good idea to use both free and paid methods.

Before you share your website with the masses, however, you’ll want to make sure to cover all your bases.

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