RecordCast Product Review

Powerful Digital Solutions RecordCast Review

Last year I wrote a review on a video content creation platform called FlexClip. The same owners of FlexClip created another platform called RecordCast.

In a nutshell, RecordCast is a cloud based platform that lets you create videos of you recording your screen without having to download any software. In my opinion, it’s a lightweight alternative to Zoom.

I’ve done screen recordings using Zoom and some using RecordCast.

With Zoom you have to:

  • Make sure to have the app downloaded onto your desktop
  • Start a meeting
  • Activate screen sharing
  • Choose either entire screen or tab to record
  • Activate recording
  • Stop recording when all done
  • Wait for your device to convert the meeting to a recorded video

Then with RecordCast you have to:

  • Visit the RecordCast website (no registration or downloading required)
  • Click the ‘Start Recording’ button
  • Choose either entire screen or tab to record
  • Activate recording
  • Stop recording when all done
  • Download recording as a webm

RecordCast can be a useful online tool for:

  • Recording video lessons for online courses
  • Creating tutorials on how to accomplish something step by step
  • Conducting product demos
  • Almost anything else that involves sharing ideas or presentations

I’ve also found this useful for conducting website reviews where I’ll record myself visiting a client website and offering my suggestions on how the website could be better.

Here’s an example of a website I reviewed recently using RecordCast:

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to Zoom for doing screen recordings, then RecordCast is an excellent tool. As long as you have a steady, reliable wifi connection, then you can produce high quality screen recordings

Be sure to visit RecordCast here.

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