Referral Program

Want to make some extra cash?

Referral Program

Want to make some extra cash?

Word-of-mouth advertising continues to be my preferred method for cultivating new business. In fact, more than half of my business originates from referrals. As such, it’s important for me to express my gratitude and reward clients who, satisfied with the work I’ve done, refer me to others.

As of February 2024, here are the updated details of my Referral Program, encompassing two distinct referral opportunities for which you would be compensated:

1. Referrals for Web Optimization Plans

I now offer three tiers of web optimization Plans (formerly known as web care plans): Bronze, Silver, and Gold. When you refer someone to me and they invest in a web optimization plan, I will reward you with a flat rate according to the tier they choose:

  • Bronze Tier: $20 flat rate
  • Silver Tier: $30 flat rate
  • Gold Tier: $40 flat rate

For instance, imagine you have a friend preparing to launch a restaurant and decides that the Silver Web Optimization Plan at $149 per month is the right fit. Once their first invoice is settled, I will send you a $30 referral fee directly via PayPal or Cash App, whichever you prefer.

NOTE: the referral fee is the same whether they choose to pay monthly or annually.

2. Referrals for Completed Projects

I also offer a referral fee for projects or tasks that don’t involve ongoing retainers. The referral fee structure for projects is as follows:

  • Projects up to $1,000: You receive 10% of the project cost.
  • Projects over $1,000: You receive 7% of the project cost.

For example, if your neighbor, a photographer, needs a website to highlight his work and agrees to a project fee of $1,000, your referral fee would be $100. I collect half of the project cost upfront, and once the initial payment is received, I will promptly send you the $100 via PayPal or Cash App.

In a second example, consider someone needs an ecommerce store and agrees to a $5,000 project fee. For this, the referral fee would be adjusted to 7% which amounts to $350. Similarly, you’ll receive this fee once the upfront payment is collected.

NOTE: website workshops and website reviews also fall into this category.

Important Note:

Please be sure to inform me when you refer someone. This enables me to look out for your referral and know precisely whom to reward. If you don’t have a PayPal or Cash App account yet, signing up is free and simple. All I need is the email address or $Cashtag associated with your account to send your referral fee without delay.

Spam Act Notification:

To put your mind at rest, I give you my word that I will NOT spam your friend! I understand how important your relationship is with everyone you recommend. Thus, I give you my 100% promise that unless they voluntarily sign up to join my private email group, I will not manually add them.

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