As an entrepreneur, your time is a very precious resource.
You’ll want to take advantage of my 10 Hour Virtual Assistance Special!
First off, I would like to thank you again for investing in my Professional Website Legal Pack. It is my goal to over deliver and ensure your satisfaction.

After you go through all the content and watch the videos, you might possibly need assistance with certain other tasks. You may very well need help in other areas of your business.

I have come up with a sweet deal for you …

The 10 Hour Virtual Assistance Special

Normally I charge $40 per hour for my expertise. However, since you invested in the Professional Website Legal Pack, I wanted to do something special for you (so please don’t share this page with anyone else).

On my website, I normally offer a block of 10 virtual assistance (VA) hours for $250 (at $25 per hour). However …

I would like to make you a one time offer of 10 VA hours for $199 ($20 per hour).

Here is a list of tasks I can typically complete in one hour:

  • write up to 500 words of high quality content
  • proofread/edit up to 2,000 words of content
  • upload up to 10 photos to a pre-existing online portfolio (provided that you have given directions on what categories they go to and if you would like any special captions in place)
  • evaluate one website (containing up to 10 web pages) and then provide my written evaluation
  • troubleshoot one website bug/glitch (maybe two depending on severity and other factors)
  • write one autoresponder email (up to 500 words), load it in your autoresponder, and send test message to ensure it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices
  • evaluate an email marketing campaign (containing up to 10 email messages) and then provide my written evaluation


If you need any graphic design work, each task will “cost” a certain number of VA hours:

  • Logo Design: 3 VA hours
  • Social Media Header Image (such as a Facebook cover photo): 2 VA hours
  • Other Header Image (such as for a blog or web page): 2 VA hours
  • Ebook Cover Photo: 1 VA hour


There is no expiration date on these VA hours, and the hours carry over month to month.

For instance, maybe you could use me for 5 hours this month and 5 hours next month. Or maybe you need me for 3 hours this month, you’ll be traveling all of next month, and on the month after you use up your remaining 7 hours.


For a $199 investment, you could either buy a new phone OR you can:

  • Delegate some of your unwanted technical tasks to me
  • Gain more time to focus more on running your business and what you do best
  • Reduce your feelings of frustration and overwhelm

Just click the button below to take advantage of this exclusive offer. I look forward to serving you!

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