Ultimate "Done For You" Website Creation Specials

Website creation, hosting, and ongoing care all in one package of your choice!

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Ultimate "Done For You" Website Creation Specials

Website creation, hosting, and ongoing care all in one package of your choice!

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If you’re here, chances are you have so much on your plate and don’t have the time nor expertise to build and look after your website.

My team and I understand many service based solopreneurs, startups, and other independent entrepreneurs have so much to do and not enough time to do it. We created these specials with you in mind.

While most other freelancers/agencies will charge a certain amount to build your website and then get you to invest in a monthly or yearly retainer (which typically covers hosting, SEO, and other ongoing services), my team and I wanted to be different.

The “done for you” specials you see down below cover both the labor to build your website AND ongoing care after that.

No additional up front charges (or other surprise charges) for both building your website and keeping it going strong.

How It Works

1. Check out the specials below.

2. Decide on the one that best suits you and then answer some questions.

3. We carry out the website creation process from start to finish.

4. After launching your new website, my team and I take care of hosting and ongoing care.

What’s Included In Each Website Creation Special

Domain Registration

(provided that the cost is less than $20 via Namecheap; annual renewals also included)

WordPress Installation

Divi Theme Installation

(my preferred “framework” for building beautiful and professional websites)

Premade Template of Your Choice

(Divi offers over 100 templates to serve as an excellent “starting point”; check out a small sample here)


Installation of Plugins

(these are like the apps on your smartphone; for instance you’ll have a plugin for cybersecurity)

Responsive Design

(your website will look good on any desktop or mobile device)

SSL Certificate Installation

(Google loves websites with the ‘https:’ encryption)

Basic CloudFlare Plan

(making your site faster and more secure)

Professional Email Address

(you get up to two; for instance you might like info @ yourwebsite.com and name @ yourwebsite.com)

Ongoing Website Care

(more details further down this page)

Website Creation Specials

You’ll see the annual and monthly figure for each plan. When you go to the online order form (after clicking the “Let’s do this!” button), you’ll be able to choose your payment option.

NOTE: when you choose the annual amount, you’re getting 2 months free 😉



Up to 20 web pages

Your own logo

Your own video intro

Up to 3 social media header images

Help with funnel set up

Backups performed everyday

Security/Vulnerability checks performed everyday

Speed/Performance checks performed everyday

Overall Website Optimization performed everyday

All other Bare Essentials

10 Hours of Virtual Assistance per month (then it’s $20/hour)

Five 30 min Skype Calls per month

Weekly Social Media Posting (up to 5 accounts)




Up to 8 web pages

Your own logo

Help with funnel set up

Backups performed 2x/week

Security/Vulnerability checks performed 2x/week

Speed/Performance checks performed 2x/week

Overall Website Optimization performed 2x/week

All other Bare Essentials

4 Hours of Virtual Assistance per month (then it’s $20/hour)

Two 30 min Skype Calls per month

No video intro

No social media header images




Only one web page (such as a landing page)

Help with funnel set up

Backups performed 2x/month

Security/Vulnerability checks performed 2x/month

Speed/Performance checks performed 2x/month

Overall Website Optimization performed 2x/month

All other Bare Essentials

Virtual Assistance at $20/hour

Skype Calls at $20/hour 

No logo

No video intro

No social media header images







Add-Ons & Extras 









What Ongoing Care Is Included in Every Special

(the Bare Essentials)

All Software Updates

This includes making sure your website is always running on the latest version of WordPress and that your theme and plugins are all updated.


Uptime Monitoring

I will always make sure your website is up and running 24/7/365. If it ever goes down I will troubleshoot and get it back up.


I will make cloud backups of your entire site just in case something were to happen to it.

Security/Vulnerability Checks

I will check to ensure you have no bugs or malware anywhere on your site. If you do get any while under my care, then I take full responsibility.

Speed/Performance Checks

I will consistently check and make sure your website loads fast and runs efficiently.

Overall Website Optimization

This includes deleting any spam messages, saved revisions, and anything else that might slow down your website.

Google Analytics Monitoring

As part of the process, I will integrate your Google Analytics data. I can also help identify any patterns for you to take action on.

Monthly Website Report

This will be a pdf that contains all the metrics from your checks including your Google Analytics data.

Unlimited Email Support

Anytime you have a question about your website or need some tech support, just shoot me an email. I’m here for you.


Unlimited Small Task Requests

I define a small task as any task that takes less than 20 minutes to complete for your website such as replacing a photo or rewording a sentence.

Website Hosting

You can either let me host your website or set up your own hosting account. By hosting your website, I can keep a closer eye on it and make sure it’s secure and fast loading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling lost or confused?

If you have a question that you don’t see addressed here, then feel free to contact me.

I want something more custom built that does not fit within any of the above packages. What do we do?

I ask that you request a free consultation with me here to discuss any custom projects you have in mind. Thanks!

Do I have to agree to Divi being installed onto my WordPress website?

In order to take advantage of the special pricing on this page, you do have to agree to the Divi theme being installed onto your WordPress website. One really nice thing about Divi is that it makes it easy to create and update your web pages without dealing with any code. It ultimately takes less time to create a Divi WordPress website compared to a custom website.

If you wish to use a different theme, this then becomes a custom project. I would then ask you to request a free consultation with me here to discuss any custom projects you have in mind.

What is the difference between your web care/maintenance plans and VA plans?

Here’s the short answer: the web care/maintenance plans are for those who have a WordPress website while the VA plans are for those without one. To elaborate, I set up VA plans for clients who either don’t want to commit to a monthly web care/maintenance plan or need help with non WordPress related tasks such as content creation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I use PayPal for my invoicing and payment processing. However, you don’t need a PayPal account. Whenever I send a PayPal invoice, you can use any major credit card to pay.

Do you work with clients from other countries or stay within the USA?

I enjoy working with clients all over the globe. As long as you can communicate with me in English, and as long as you pay me for services rendered, then I look forward to serving you.

What are unlimited "small task" requests?

Small tasks are anything that takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Examples include:

  • replacing a photo
  • rewording a sentence
  • uploading a video
  • changing the background color (or background image) of a webpage
  • making small changes in code
  • almost anything else that involves logging into your WordPress administrative dashboard, making a quick change, and logging out
Do my VA hours or Skype calls roll over each month?

No – it is “use it or lose it”. I encourage you to make full use of your available VA hours and Skype calls. I want you to get the most bang for your buck ?

Let’s suppose I decide on a package deal above. How would the entire process go from start to finish?

After you decide on a package deal above, you would fill out the online form on the other side. After I receive all your info, I will then prepare a contract and recurring PayPal invoice for you to pay. Once I receive all your instructions, signed contract (via Eversign), AND payment for first month, I then get to work creating your website.

During the development stage, I’ll typically send a status update once a week (such as Friday afternoons).

When it’s time to deliver your website, I’ll let you look it over and let me know of any revision requests you might have. After delivery, ongoing website care and maintenance begins.

For as long as you continue to pay your monthly investment, I will take care of hosting and upkeeping your website. Every month I’ll also send you a website care report which will include Google Analytics data.

What is funnel set up?

In general, a funnel refers to a system for capturing and converting leads.

The most common types of funnels are:

  • email marketing
  • sales
  • or a webinar

An email marketing funnel will typically have this kind of set up: Landing Page –> Opt In –> Thank You Page –> Automated Welcome Email –> Prewritten Email Series

A webinar funnel will typically have this kind of set up: Landing Page –> Registration Form –> Confirmation Page –> Automated Welcome Email –> Email Reminder(s) of Webinar –> The Actual Webinar –> Webinar Replay (in some cases) –> Prewritten Email Series

A sales funnel often has this kind of set up: Sales Page –> Button to Buy Now or Add to Cart –> Order Form –> Thank You Page –> Upsell (in some cases) –> Automated Thank You Email

I have worked with many 3rd party platforms such as MailerLite, MailChimp, ClickFunnels, and Leadpages. Depending on what your online goals are, I will help set up the right system for you.

Why should I invest in a web care/maintenance plan? Couldn't I just do it all myself?

You certainly could do your own software updates, backups, etc. However, most small business owners and independent entrepreneurs already have so much to do each day. When you invest in a web care/maintenance plan, you don’t have to continually log into your WordPress administrative dashboard to see if something needs updating. You can relax and have full peace of mind knowing that your website is always being monitored and looked after. And if for some bizarre reason your website still got infected with malware under my care, I would take full responsibility to fix it.

Since your website is involved in generating leads, clients, and/or revenue, it makes sense to take the best possible care of it and keep it in top shape. During our Skype calls, I’ll even discuss how well your website is doing and what we can do to make it even better.

What are some examples of Virtual Assistance hourly tasks?

Here’s what I can typically accomplish in one hour:

  • write up to 500 words of high quality content
  • proofread/edit up to 2,000 words of content
  • upload up to 10 photos to a pre-existing online portfolio (provided that you have given directions on what categories they go to and if you would like any special captions in place)
  • evaluate one website (containing up to 10 web pages) and then provide my written evaluation
  • troubleshoot one website bug/glitch (maybe two depending on severity and other factors)
  • write one autoresponder email (up to 500 words), load it in your autoresponder, and send test message to ensure it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices
  • evaluate an email marketing campaign (containing up to 10 email messages) and then provide my written evaluation
What is the benefit of a Skype call with you?

Here are a few examples of how to make the most of a Skype call with me:

  • we could talk about your monthly website report, go over your Google Analytics data, and identify any areas to take action on (e.g., we could talk about how to lower bounce rate or how to make the most of your high traffic web pages)
  • you could let me know how you would like to spend your available virtual assistant hours (such as letting me know how you would like your blog or portfolio updated)
  • if you don’t yet have an email marketing strategy, we could discuss how to develop one
  • almost anything else related to improving your online presence
  • Also keep in mind you have the option to combine two available 30 min slots if you prefer to have one solid hour
What if I want to cancel?

Email me at info@powerfuldigitalsolutions.com and I will cancel your monthly plan. No questions asked ?

Are there any tasks that you cannot do?

I will not engage in any tasks of an illegal or unethical nature. Aside from that, I enjoy putting my tech savvy skills to work for you. If you need help with a task or project and wondering if I can assist, go ahead and contact me!

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