Website Creation

Ready to establish your online presence?

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Website Creation

Ready to establish your online presence?

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I would like to start off by sharing a success story from one of my satisfied clients.

Here is what Carolyn Dice, a home business owner, has to say about me and how I helped establish her online presence (after she got frustrated trying to do it herself) …

Why Invest in a website?

  • it can serve as your 24/7 sales and marketing rep (even while you sleep)
  • it shows others that you mean business
  • before a prospective client reaches out to you, they will often research you on Google first (if they cannot find you on Google, then not good for your credibility!)
  • even Bill Gates has said if your business is not online, then you could eventually be out of business!

Why WordPress Websites?

  • it’s very easy to make updates to your website without having to touch any lines of code
  • it’s designed to do well in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • it has a user friendly administrative dashboard area (the “behind the scenes” part of your website only visible to you)
  • you have plenty of themes to choose from (for the look and layout or “framework” of your website)
  • you also have numerous free plugins you could install onto your website (these are like the apps on your smartphone; for instance there’s the WordFence plugin I recommend for protecting your website from hackers)

Website Creation Process


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The very first step is a free consultation. I will take the time to get to know you and your goals.

You could also think of this like a “virtual meet and greet”.

I then prepare a customized proposal for you. After we come to an agreement, we sign a contract and then progress to the next step.



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After the signed contract is in place, then I will ask for your content.

I can also provide guidance on what to come up with for your About page, Product/Service page, etc.

I will also strategically place all your text, images, and/or videos onto your website.


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After we have your website content established, not it’s time to put everything together.

Website design is much more than just making everything look pretty. It’s all about ensuring a pleasant user experience (UX).

The right balance and contrast of color, fonts, use of white space, and clean minimal design all can contribute to that pleasant UX.

This step is all about making sure everything is good on the front end (what your visitors will see).



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Now it’s time to put all the “building blocks” together.

This includes building out each web page, making any necessary integrations (such as Google Analytics), and ensuring everything is working (such as the contact forms).

This step is all about making sure everything is good on the back end (the “behind the scenes” area of your website – what your visitors will not see).


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Before sharing your website with the world, your website goes through a comprehensive checklist to make sure everything is good to go.

After everything checks out well on the front and back ends, your website is officially launched. We’ll ensure that your website is indexed with Google.

You also get unlimited email support with your new website.

What You Can Look Forward to With Your New Website

  • it will be search engine optimized to get on Google’s good side (after all, you’ll want people to be able to look you up)
  • when people ask if you have a website, you’ll now have a link to send them
Powerful Digital Solutions Website Creation San Antonio Texas
  • you’ll now have that sense of status and credibility with your prospects and clients (having your own website shows you mean business)
  • above all, you’ll have your own virtual 24/7 sales & marketing rep always working on your behalf bringing in visitors, leads, and sales

Ready to Turn Your Ideas Into Digital Form?

First tell me this: would you like me to build AND host your webiste? Or just build it (then hand it off to you)?
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