Why Website Planning Is Important – the #1 Mistake to Avoid

Why Website Planning Is Important

Let’s suppose that you recently got married, you and your spouse are currently in an apartment, and you both have decided to invest in a custom built home.

You both drive around town and find a plot of land you like. You undergo the process of buying this land.

Now you’re both feeling good about sharing ownership in this land. Your apartment lease will be up soon, and you’re overjoyed about going from renting to owning your own place.

It’s now Saturday morning, and during breakfast your spouse asks if you’ve thought about how you would like the house. For example,

  • how many bedrooms?
  • how many bathrooms?
  • carpet or tile?
  • paint or wallpaper?
  • what color will the house be?
  • and the list goes on

You were so excited about going from renting an apartment to building & owning a home that you overlooked these details.

A website can be thought of as a “virtual home” in that there are a number of details to consider. Just as this married couple would need to take some time to make a blueprint before buying any materials, likewise you’ll want to make a “website blueprint” before you begin any “virtual construction.”

Do I Even Need a Website?

Now you might be wondering: do I even need a website to begin with?

The short answer: if you’re serious about the long term success of your business, then yes!

Here are 10 reasons from Dale, a fellow web developer, on why you need a website …

The #1 Mistake Many DIY Entrepreneurs Make

Now that we’ve established the benefits of having a solid online presence, here is the #1 mistake I’ve seen many entrepreneurs make when going the DIY route:

not having a written plan for their website.

Just imagine if the married couple from above skipped the planning process and started buying materials from Lowe’s (or other similar store) and putting stuff together on their plot of land.

How do you think their custom home would turn out?

Not a pleasant thought.

It is unwise to attempt to create your own website without a written plan in the same way it’s unwise to build a home without a blueprint.

You’ll want to create a “website blueprint” to help determine the direction of your online presence.

How Do I Make a “Website Blueprint?”

A written plan for your website does not have to be complex at all. The top question it must answer is “what are my online goals?

For example, do you want to:

  • have people call/visit you?
  • get people to book an appointment with you?
  • sell any products online?
  • provide a monthly newsletter?
  • the list goes on

This will all help determine which web pages you’ll need, any tools you’ll need, and other decisions to make. After you establish your online goals, you’ll have other elements to consider such as your website colors and fonts.

Most of the time, a “website blueprint” can be a simple as a 1 – 2 page Google Doc.

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