Mastering Your WP Site Interactive Workshop

"Personalized Tips & Insights You Need to Unlock Your Site's Potential"

Struggling with WordPress Woes?

WordPress can be tricky, right? Your brilliant ideas are there, but they’re trapped behind a wall of technical hurdles. Maybe you’ve had help in the past that didn’t deliver or attempted to tackle it solo, only to find yourself lost amidst the WordPress wilderness.

Are Technical Glitches Holding You Back?

Let’s face it – having a professional online presence can open a world of opportunities. But the myriad of WordPress problems seem to dim this digital dream. Dead ends and frustration don’t have to be your everyday reality. What if you could turn things around?

Get On the Spot Coaching & Advice from the CEO of Powerful Digital Solutions!

This is no ordinary workshop. As the CEO of Powerful Digital Solutions, I’ll be at your side, providing one-on-one coaching and sharing expert insights amassed from years of WordPress mastery. Our session can be conducted at my workspace or I can travel to you, anywhere in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. There’s no travel fee within San Antonio, ensuring you receive top-quality knowledge within a comfortable setting without breaking the bank. 

Here are some example topics that I can assist with:

How to Create and/or Publish a Blog Post

How to Create and/or Publish a Page

How to Use the Divi Theme


Most Child Theme Related Questions

How to Set up Google Analytics 4

How to Speed Up Your Website

Preparing Custom Written/Video Tutorials

Ready to Take Control of Your WordPress Site?

Your investment is only $100/hour. I conduct 1-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour workshops.

It’s time to transform your website woes into a winning WordPress experience. Click the button below to secure a 1, 2, or 3-hour workshop slot with a small $20 deposit. Unleash your website’s true potential, gain valuable understanding, and start growing your success with confidence. Your journey to mastering your WordPress website begins here!

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Copyright © 2024 Powerful Digital Solutions

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